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Our Team

Our Unite Us team is dedicated to improving outcomes in your community. To learn more about what we do, click here.

Katie Koblenz

Senior Engagement Manager

Based in Northern Colorado, Katie has a M.A. from Colorado State University. Katie has experience working for community-based organizations.

Marlene Franco

Community Engagement Manager

Based in Colorado, Marlene has a B.S. in health science and speech and language pathology from Florida International University. Marlene has experience in special education, community outreach and engagement, and diversity and inclusion.

Molly Siegel

Senior Account Manager

Based in Colorado, Molly has a M.A. in global health systems from The London School of Economics. Molly has experience with translating policies into programs, implementing healthcare reform in Illinois and Colorado, leading a CMS innovation grant that promoted a community-based alternative workforce, supporting kids and their families with chronic conditions, and advocating for service delivery changes for vulnerable populations.

Shelby Mosier

Operations Analyst

Based in Boston, MA, Shelby has a B.S. in health science from the University of Miami and a MPH from Columbia University with a focus in population and family health. Shelby has experience working in nonprofits, government, social impact consulting, as well as in coordinating personal and event logistics for dignitaries.

Constance Lopez

Network Health Manager

Based in New York City, Constance has a B.S. in neuroscience from the University of Miami and a MPH from Columbia University with a focus in health policy and health communication. Constance has experience teaching children the basics of coding and working with NYC’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Simon Tearpak

Community Engagement Manager

Based in Southern Colorado, Simon has a B.S. in political science from Colorado State University - Pueblo. Simon has experience with nonprofit administration, project management and community engagement with diverse populations.